We work with the fee schedule that is favoured by you. In the end it’s your bill and we want to have happy clients who are willing to pay the amount they feel is appropriate for the service and value received.

We offer a couple of different pricing schemes. Ask for your offer after the free initial meeting and customised needs analysis.

Hourly rate

By default we work on an hourly rate, like most professional service providers.



Low rate

CHF 250

per hour for services with low complexity, urgency and responsibility


Normal rate

CHF 300

per hour for services with medium complexity, urgency and responsibility


High rate

CHF 350

per hour for services with high complexity, urgency and responsibility

Success fee

Only possible for certain services.
The fee is based on the value created, e.g. of an agreed success factor or a transaction.

Start-up deferred fee

Ideal if you are in a start-up phase and need to defer the costs and billing into the future. the Ask for a start-up deferred fee scheme and we can explain to you how it works.

Agreed flat fee

Ideal if you want to fix in advance what your solution or project will cost.
A detailed engagement letter with guaranteed delivery of the solution or project establishes the basis for the work.