Our values

Flexibility, trustworthiness and an efficient yet impactful working style are our key attributes. We recognise the importance of relationship based services to create value for you.

Trust is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of a person or organization

I do all the regular finance and administrations things – setting up companies, filing taxes, VAT, payroll and accounting. And I love it.

But I am also the Winston Wolf of finance and accounting – when your company loses a key finance person, the tax authority is investigating you, you’re having a dispute with your business partner. When things go wrong and the pressure is on, I step in and solve problems. I can be as fast and flexible as you need.

But I’m more than just a finance guy. I’m interested in what you really need.
Let’s talk about what you’re dealing with so I can understand. And then we will find the right financial solution for you. Let’s dig in together.

Most of my clients are in and around Zurich, many with international ties.

I'm a pro generalist

My experience is both deep and wide. I either know how to do it, or I know who can.

We talk as often as you (don't) want.

Need regular reminders? You got it. Only want to hear from me when it’s absolutely necessary? No problem.

I dig the dirty work

I can strategize all day, but I’m also happy to dive into spreadsheets and flip through reports.

Honesty is the best policy.

If you’re screwed, I’ll tell you. If I screw up, you’ll probably hear it from me first.

Adapt, adapt, adapt

I work with Fortune 500 companies and the plumber fixing their toilet. Both are fascinating.


My clients can call me any day, any time. I’m always available when you need me, and I respond to every email. Really.